Full mainnet activation: 14/03/2020, 21:00 UTC

Hive mining

Create on-chain dwarf agents to mine on your behalf

CPU mineable

Our new "Minotaur" algorithm allows CPU mining right from the wallet


Gameplay generates blocks and directly secures the chain

New blockchain

Small initial download means fast sync for new wallets


Start from nothing...

Download the wallet and start proof-of-play mining with no investment

... Or claim what's yours

Held BTC, LCC, DASH or DOGE on 18 Feb 2020? You automatically own Ring

Well known team

From the team and community who created Litecoin Cash and Hive mining

Fair distribution

Widest ever initial distribution pays over 30 years of blockchain history


14/03/2020, 21:00 UTC

World Record Initial Distribution

This currency launches with the widest ever initial coin distribution - provably. On any mature and well-used blockchain, a large amount of economic trickle-down occurs; coins are dispersed very widely. A snapshot of such a blockchain's chainstate can capture several years of coin dissemination.

This is what makes a chainstate-based initial offering so attractive as a fair means to freely distribute a new coin.

Wanting to go further, we are combining chainstates of four mature, respected coins to capture over 30 years of cumulative blockchain history. Over 30 million individual addresses from Bitcoin, Litecoin Cash, Dash and Doge will all automatically receive a proportional amount of Ring.

Share The Ring for a chance to win 100 RNG!

Let the exchanges know

Make sure the exhanges know you want to claim and trade your RNG. Click the buttons to tweet @ them.

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Biki Biki
BitForex BitForex
Folgory Folgory
BitZ BitZ
Coinbene Coinbene
SistemKoin SistemKoin
DigiFinex DigiFinex
Exrates Exrates
BitMart BitMart
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PayBito PayBito
Huobi Global Huobi Global
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CoinTiger CoinTiger
BitAsset BitAsset
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Upbit Upbit
Coinex Coinex
Coinbit Coinbit
Bithumb Bithumb
FCoin FCoin
BW.com BW.com
Bitfinex Bitfinex
BitMax BitMax
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Coinall Coinall
Coinsuper Coinsuper
Gate.io Gate.io
YoBit YoBit
KuCoin KuCoin
Coinone Coinone
Huobi Russia Huobi Russia
Huobi Korea Huobi Korea
ProBit Exchange ProBit Exchange
Bittrex Bittrex
BitBay BitBay
VCC Exchange VCC Exchange
Coindeal Coindeal
Mercatox Mercatox
Vebitcoin Vebitcoin
OKCoin OKCoin
Bitsdaq Bitsdaq
CROSS Exchange CROSS Exchange
Indodax Indodax
Bitvavo Bitvavo
Korbit Korbit
BTC Markets BTC Markets
Bitkub Bitkub
Crex24 Crex24
Altcoin Trader Altcoin Trader
WazirX WazirX
Bitbns Bitbns
Bitnaru Bitnaru
Waves Exchange Waves Exchange
CoinZest CoinZest
South Xchange South Xchange


1. CPU Mining with Minotaur

Minotaur, our brand new hashing algorithm, allows you to mine with your CPU, right from within the wallet (or by using an external mining program). Minotaur is designed to be tortuous for graphics cards, FPGAs and ASICs. It's also designed to make core count more important than core performance, harkening back to Satoshi's "one core, one vote" ideal.

The algorithm dynamically configures a labyrinth of 21 interconnected nodes, each representing a different hash algorithm from a pool of sixteen types. The algorithm continues to morph as the hapless minotaur moves from node to node; he only learns which node he must visit next upon completion of the hashing task at the current node.

Litecoin Cash Hive

2. Hive Mining

Hive Mining technology, developed on Litecoin Cash by the same dev team, now meets a worldwide audience. Hive brings an additional and extremely energy-efficient mining dimension to the blockchain.

On-chain agents (dwarves) are created who mine on your behalf, eliminating the need for specialized hardware. Anything from a Raspberry Pi to your normal desktop PC is fine.

Through Ring, we are now able to offer Hive Mining to anyone who already holds one of our claim coins. Become a Dwarf master and earn coins while securing the blockchain!

Learn More

3. Proof of Play

We have developed an extensible framework allowing gameplay to generate blocks and secure the blockchain.

This means users can play games right within the wallet in order to earn rewards, but it's no "play a game and we'll toss you a coin" gimmick. The user's gameplay is directly used to generate a normal transaction-containing block which secures the network.

While our initial launch will feature one in-wallet game (a 2d tile-placement game), we plan to add more games over time, as well as allow third-party game developers to implement their own games or integrate with existing titles.

Proof-of-play mining gives a zero-investment way for new users to start to earn Ring even if they are not holding any of the claimable coins.

The Rialto

Coming soon:
The rialto

Can you really trust the companies offering supposedly fully encrypted chat? They may say the encryption is end to end. They may say they have no mandated backdoor.

We believe people have a higher level of trust in the encryption protecting their cryptocurrencies than in the offerings from any of these companies.

Shortly, Ring will introduce The Rialto. Shakespeare's Rialto was a street in Venice where merchants would meet and discretely conduct their business. Ours is a completely decentralised chat platform with integrated low-friction payment system, all powered by the same encryption you trust every day to protect your coins.

4 way union

Holders of LCC, BTC, DASH and DOGE holders on 18/02/2020 are automatically rewarded with RNG
  • Litecoin Cash

    Litecoin Cash

    Claim ratio:

    1 LCC = 0.00020000 RNG

  • Bitcoin


    Claim ratio:

    1 BTC = 1 RNG

  • Dash


    Claim ratio:

    1 DASH = 0.01154152 RNG

  • Dash


    Claim ratio:

    1 DOGE = 0.00000029 RNG

Confirmed Exchanges

Confirmed Services


Frequently Asked Questions

What ticker Symbol will Ring use?


How will I know if I'm able to claim Ring?

If you were holding Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin Cash (LCC), Dash (DASH) or Dogecoin (DOGE) on 18 February 2020, you'll be able to claim. A balance checker will soon be available here so that you can paste your public address from any of the above coins and view the equivalent Ring address and balance.

Hive, PoW, PoP: Symbiotic chainwork scaling

Three ways to mine, perfectly balanced

The Team


(Iain Craig)

Development Lead

With over 20 years commercial experience and active in the crypto scene since 2013, our dev lead Tanner has been involved in the development of multiple altcoins and numerous blockchain-based services.


(Seb Clarke)

Systems Lead, Developer

Loxley's a proven developer and systems engineer. Experience in academia, industry, and the public sector, includes: VoIP innovation, AI (vision and spatial data), big data warehousing and distributed computing.


Roger the unicorn

PM, Public Relations Lead

Roger is an experienced project manager for a major online foreign exchange platform, delivering a range of public and internal products. Engaged in extensive cryptocurrency projects for over 5 years, he's also a unicorn.


(Michael Wyszynski)

Design Lead, Liaison Lead

As well as working tirelessly to hone our brand, Scarlet looks after all the behind-the-scenes tools & services that let us actually get things done and release them. Come and meet him on our official social media channels!


(Maciej Zams)

Community Manager

Pieczywo is a huge cryptocurrency enthusiast, student of economics, marketing and technology. You can ask him any questions about the project or let him know if you have any difficulties.


(Kasper Brandt Hansen)


Kasper has 20+ years of experience with web tech and graphic design and dived headfirst into crypto. Front-end development, project management and keeping customers happy is how he spends his waking hours.


(Thomas Beasley)


Thomas has been helping build and advance blockchain projects since 2016. He helps run the day to day operations within the community along with planning and reinforcing the technical aspects of the project.